Kendra + Cury

Okay, so you get engaged, plan the big wedding, and your photographer takes alllll those sweet photos... maybe you buy an album and then a couple for your moms (like the good kids you are) ... and then that's the last time you see a professional photo of yourselves until you pop out some kids. Amiright??

Kendra & Cury know better. Kendra is a local photographer who appreciates the fact that it's important to not only document the big milestones, but your everyday type of moments too. I speak for myself (but likely many more) when I say, marriage can be hard and sometimes we just need to celebrate the fact that we're making it! 🏆

Kendra cooked up a perfect summer night out in Ann Arbor: a stop at Spencer for some vinho verde (!) and then wandering around a nearby park. I tagged along.